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At Click Ads Magazine we make things easy for our clients, saving them time and money. We want you to feel comfortable with our services and above all that your business achieves the expected results, “more customers, more sales”. We explain our advertising process in a simple way so that you understand what we really do and why we do it. We define two key concepts below:

  1. An advertising strategy is the action that a company takes to bring a product or service to the target audience “consumer”.
  2. Advertising is a marketing tool whose objective is to sell the products or services of a company and is carried out through different channels.

Under these two concepts we can deduce that Click Ads Magazine takes your Brand with its respective products and services to a wider audience through marketing tools.

How do we advertise in Click Ads Magazine?

We use traditional advertising and online advertising! We do not leave behind traditional advertising through a good magazine with advertising spaces and good content for our readers. We firmly believe that good web design and a magazine are the perfect combination. While online advertising has a greater reach, which allows positioning a brand faster due to its great advantages, it is measurable, greater reach and cheaper.

Click Ads Magazine combines both types of advertising, we integrate your website with marketing strategies through a magazine and advertising campaigns on social networks, the goal is to reach a greater number of people who represent more sales for your business. So in this way we explain a process that will make your business explode through our products and services.

The Complete Package Click Ads Magazine brings a new system so that you have everything in one place, Web Design, Hosting, Domain, Web Maintenance and Click Ads Magazine Advertising.

What is Click Ads Magazine Advertising? Here comes the most important part of this post!

Once your website is finished and optimized, we will make a publication in the Business Directory of our Click Ads Magazine website with details of your business and with the links to your website. Thanks to our integration the previous post will also automatically appear on our social networks Facebook, Twitter and our Email Marketing!

What is all this? let’s go in steps:

  • Publication in our Directory of Companies of your business.
  • Publication of your business on our Facebook Fan Page: we will carry out paid campaigns to promote our customers.
  • Email marketing:automated email that will reach each of our subscribers with your business information.
  • Paid campaign on Google: We carry out campaigns from our business directory using a paid campaign on Google to promote our customers.

This is crazy! Indeed, but what is more crazy are our prices, something truly innovative!

You can also give a double power to the Click Ads Magazine Full Package by enlarging your Advertising at a larger page size in our magazine, you can opt for a one-time payment in our magazine or a discounted monthly subscription plan “Recommended”, you can cancel the plan whenever you want. Visit our Store and find out everything we have for your business.

And that’s not all! You can also give a triple power to your ads with the Facebook Advertising that we have for you in our Online Store! Remember this, more visibility, greater reach = more customers, higher sales!

Thank you for reading this post, we hope to see you soon, our team of Click Ads Magazine contributors are eager to work with you!

Find everything you are looking for in Click Ads Magazine! A business directory for everyone. Now you can reach more people interested in your products and services by publishing with us in a Digital Marketing system designed to take your business to a higher level.

An exclusive product so that you have everything in one place, with modern and elegant website designs, hosting, your own domain, business email account, web maintenance so that everything is updated, advertising in the magazine and social media.

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