What is Click Ads Magazine?

A guide of companies willing to offer the best service.


A Complete Web Design and Advertising System!

Yes, that’s right! A whole system that combines a series of tools in digital marketing to deliver a very complete final product to our customers.

A website is the art of transforming a company’s information into a clean and clear web design.

A design that makes your customers fall in love and decide to buy your products or use your services. Not only is it enough to have a website, it must be updated and with all its components optimized to attract potential customers. Among its components are some key features that must be objective when published on the Internet.

  • That they are Responsive,that is, that they adapt to all mobile devices, such as tablets and cell phones, since today more than 70% of people spend looking at everything from their smartphone.
  • Fast loading,your website should be as fast as possible when browsing the internet.
  • SSL certificate,is the famous padlock found in the link of the domain or url, this certificate means that you will be browsing a secure website.
  • SEO,are the keywords that describe your website on the internet, they must be consistent with your business and very important to be indexed when someone searches for some information on the internet.

These are just some of the aspects so that your website may or may not be indexed by search engines such as Google, if your website does not have certain features you will be losing advantage over your competitors, and what is worse, you will be practically offline.

This is why Click Ads Magazine not only gives you the opportunity to have a website with all these features, but we also do both traditional and digital advertising.

We present the Click Ads Magazine Complete Package, developed so that you have everything in one place, without having to worry about anything, we take care of having everything updated for you.

  • A Web Design Modern, Elegant and Optimized.
  • Web Hosting,they are files and need to be hosted in the cloud for their operation.
  • Domain,is the name of your business, is your property and will give you seriousness and belief before your customers.
  • Email,is the business email, it will also give you seriousness to your customers. Using a free email like gmail, hotmail, yahoo or others is not bad for something personal, but for a company it does not show seriousness. So you will have your corporate email like this: contact@yourname.com you can call it as you like, contact, support, info, sales, etc.
  • Web Support,websites are crafted or built using software with some add-ons to make it work on the internet. These software are constantly updated by their owners or producers, therefore a website must be in tune with them, updated and secure. Technology advances every day and new updates come with it. We take care of the fieldwork, you focus on your customers!
  • Advertising in Click Ads Magazine,this is a special component, since in the case of advertising you should be treated as one of the most important sales managers of your company or business. With this Package we include advertising in our print and digital magazine. A way to bring your expressions within everyone’s reach.

In the last point in terms of advertising, Click Ads Magazine will not only advertise in the magazine, but we also carry out digital advertising in Social Networks and Google. An extraordinary way to reach a greater number of people and offer widely all companies and businesses so that they manage to meet their objectives, more customers, more sales.

The Click Ads Magazine Complete Package comes with advertising on 1/4 page in our magazine, if you want a larger space you can purchase in our store advertising spaces of 1/2 page or full page.

We hope to be part of your project, do not hesitate to consult our frequently asked questions in case you have doubts, or write us a message and we will call you soon.

Thank you

Click Ads Magazine Team



Find everything you are looking for in Click Ads Magazine! A business directory for everyone. Now you can reach more people interested in your products and services by publishing with us in a Digital Marketing system designed to take your business to a higher level.

An exclusive product so that you have everything in one place, with modern and elegant website designs, hosting, your own domain, business email account, web maintenance so that everything is updated, advertising in the magazine and social media.

Click Ad Magazine

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